Best Gaming Chairs Under $200

best gaming chair under 200

Best Gaming Chair Under 200..? There’s an old saying: “You’re either in your bed or in your shoes, so it pays to take a position in both.” Most gamers would probably add an ergonomic chair thereto list. within the times where numerous people sit for hours gaming on a computer, spending $200 approximately on a top-quality gaming chair which will keep you comfortable and without aches for long hours makes all the sense within the world.

In this $200 bucks, you’ll expect best gaming chairs under $200 that provide some unique features which will really minimize minor flaws related to gaming for too long. This includes back pain, neck stiffness, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Dedicated lumbar and neck pillows, bucket seats, height adjustable armrests and even some chairs with dedicated footrests are often found in gaming chairs at this price index.

In this guide, we handpick the absolute best budget gaming chairs under $200 so you’ll finally game in comfort and in better health, all the while without leaving a hole in your wallet.

5 Best Gaming Chair Under $200

1. GTRACING Gaming Office ChairView On Amazon

Editors Choice

Best Gaming Chairs Under $200

The GTRACING Gaming Chair may be a boldly styled chair with ergonomic comfort and a powerful recline. Whether you’re employed on your computer or use it mainly for gaming, this chair can keep you comfortable and in good posture for hours. While it’s going to be a touch too flashy for an office setting, this GTRACING chair is ideal for your desk reception.

One of the primary things to seem for in an ergonomic gaming chair is how it’ll treat your back. additionally to the winged curve of most racing-style chairs, the GTRACING Gaming Chair has adjustable pillows for neck support and lumbar support, which suggests you’ll sit back comfortably without fear about future back pain or bad posture. One user said that this gaming chair was easier than any office chair he had used before.

In addition to feeling great, this chair looks awesome also. A striking two-color palette draws the attention, and even the wheels have a pointy look. many of us wish to match the design of their chair with their computer, so if you’ve got a boldly-colored battle station, this might be the gaming chair for you. Several users of this chair mention the coloring on this chair as an enormous plus.

All in all, the GTRACING Gaming Chair is one among the foremost well-rounded gaming chairs within the $200 range, with adjustability both for comfort and utility. If you’re trying to find a chair that has these features and a keen look else, this is often a solid best.

Weight50 lbs
Capacity300 lbs
Dimensions20.86″x 21.26″ x 48.82″-51.97″ (L x W x H)
Recline Degree90–170 degrees
Warranty1 year limited warranty


  • Good lumbar support for decreased back pain
  • Great adjustability, including a 170° backrest recline and height-adjustable armrest
  • Eye-catching style with 4 color schemes to choose from


  • Might be too colorful for office use
  • Seat cushion compresses easily

Best Gaming Chair Under 200

2. RESPAWN-110 Racing Style ChairView On Amazon

Best Gaming Chairs Under $200

He RESPAWN-110 Gaming Chair comes at a rather higher price than the GTRACING Gaming Chair, but it also offers a subsequent level of comfort and a documented commitment to lifelong customer support at a budget tag.

Instead of the minimal plastic armrests featured by most gaming chairs, the RESPAWN-110 chair has longer, fully padded armrests that give the chair a more substantial look and feel additionally to keeping your elbows comfortable. Users report being impressed with the way the armrests shift back because the chair reclines in order that they’re conveniently usable regardless of what position you employ the chair in.

One of the most important worries when buying inexpensive gaming chairs is that they’re going to begin to interrupt down after a couple of years of use. With the RESPAWN-110 Gaming Chair, you’ll rest easy thereon front because each chair comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Many reviewers say that they received replacement chairs or even parts from RESPAWN when issues seem to be appearing in their original orders.

Finally, it should be noted that different people have different preferences as far as firmness of cushioning cares. Several users reported that the padding of this gaming chair was stiffer than they might like, so if you would like a chair that’s extra soft and plushy, you would possibly want to seem at a couple of other options.

Overall, the RESPAWN-110 Gaming Chair is on the high end of this list with great cushioning and a warranty-supported lifespan, but remember of where the seat falls on the firmness spectrum.

Weight51.8 lbs
Capacity275 lbs
Dimensions21.5” x 21” x 35.43” (L x W x H)
Recline Degree90–130 degrees
WarrantyLimited lifetime warranty


  • Padded armrests that extend to the back of the chair
  • Extendable footrest to elevate pained feet
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty in case of breakdown or dysfunction


  • Higher price than many other budget chairs on this list
  • Stiff padding may deter those who prefer soft chairs

Best Gaming Chair Under 200

3. E-Win 400lb ChairView On Amazon

Best Gaming Chairs Under $200

The E-Win 400 lb Gaming Chair is specially designed for larger users with features like an extra-wide seat and a huge backrest. If you discover that the majority gaming seats you are trying are too small, it’s definitely worth giving this one a glance.

This chair features a weight capacity of 400 pounds. The seat is 21.7 inches wide with gentle wings to carry you in situ as your body shifts from left to right while fighting your answer of a combat zone. The seat’s padding is high-density foam to resist undue compression. One owner who measures 6’3″ and weighs 350 lbs said this was the foremost comfortable chair he’s owned.

Another stand out feature of this E-Win chair is that the high degree of recline. The backrest is often locked anywhere between 85 degrees all the way backtrack to 155 degrees. Whether you’re gaming, chilling, reading, or maybe napping, the E-Win has your back, literally.

Due to the larger than life specs of the E-Win chair, one potential downside to staying in mind, especially if you’re below 6′ is how high the seat rises from the bottom. Even at its lowest setting, the seat is around 20″ off the bottom (measured from the bottom to the highest of the seat pan). a simple remedy if you discover your feet dangling off the ground is to use a footrest.

Weight50 lbs
Capacity400 lbs
Dimensions22” x 21.7” x 50.2″ to 54.1″ (L x W x H)
Recline Degree85–155 degrees
Warranty30 days money back


  • 21.6” wide seat to fit larger gamers
  • Tall back to accommodate taller gamers
  • Reclines all the way down to 155 degrees


  • The chair can be too high for shorter people
  • Some owners found the seat a little hard

Best Gaming Chair Under 200

4. UOMAX Big and Tall ChairView On Amazon

Best Gaming Chairs Under $200

UOMAX may be a heavy-duty ergonomic gaming chair ideal for people with a bigger somatotype. A tall 32″ back plus wide 21″ wingless seat ensures you don’t feel cramped while gaming. The seat on standard gaming chairs is usually “winged” to hug the people as you sway left to right, though this takes up precious space, something larger users might not appreciate.

Fine stitching and detailed polyurethane leather cover padding of molded cold foam which has optimal breathability and temperature control. The seat is formed of 4.8″ thick high-density foam, which bests most gaming chairs during this review. Another sound design option to accommodate even heavy users.

One common thread of non-ergonomic chairs may be a straight, unmovable back, the type which will cause discomfort if you sit for too long. In contrast, the UOMAX Gaming Chair features a rocking function that permits the chair to maneuver with you for better comfort. The chair also reclines literally all the way back 180 degrees when you’re looking to form a pit stop from gaming. Combined with a pull-out footrest, and you’ve got yourself the last word napping experience.

Weight54 lbs
Capacity300 lbs
Dimensions22.65” x 21” x 50” – 54”(L x W x H)
Recline Degree90–180 degrees
Warranty1 year limited warranty


  • Tall backrest and wingless seat to accommodate even larger gamers
  • High density foamed seat that’s 4.8″ thick to minimize sagging
  • Rocking and reclining back that tilts all the way 180 degrees
  • Unique USB powered massaging lumbar pillow


  • Poor assembly instructions
  • Some users report a smell in new chairs

Best Gaming Chair Under 200

5. Essentials Leather View On Amazon

Best Gaming Chairs Under $200

If you’re uninterested in the aggressive, racing design that adorns most gaming chairs, the Essentials Gaming Chair may be a breath of fresh air. Its non-discrete, compact design makes for a cushty gaming chair that will easily blend in together with your room or office even when you’re not gaming.

Most owners of the Essentials Chair were thoroughly impressed with the standard and luxury of the chair, especially considering the well below $200 price. The seat is upholstered in SofThread Leather, which may be a premium, softer version of the quality PU leather covering. It’s cool to the touch, with a way of refinement often lacking with bonded leather chairs.

It should be said that this chair doesn’t have as many extra features as a number of the others on this list. for instance, the backrest only tilts as you apply a force thereto, though it doesn’t recline. The armrests aren’t height-adjustable either, though they are doing flip-up for straightforward storage. If all you would like maybe a comfortable place to take a seat while you’re employed or play on your computer, this chair is quite ok.

The Essentials Mid-Back Computer Gaming Chair may be a very affordable ergonomic gaming chair and has good warranties to support it. If you’re trying to find something simple but comfortable, Essentials has you covered.

Weight37 lbs
Capacity250 lbs
Dimensions30.5″ x 28.2″ x 44.5-48.25 (L x W x H)
Recline DegreeShallow Recline, only by force
Warranty1 year limited warranty


  • Less expensive than every other chair on this list
  • Comfortable seat
  • Folding armrests that get out of the way when not needed
  • Lifetime warranty on the chair frame and a 36-month warranty on parts


  • Seat only reclines with force, and not lockable
  • Quality control issues with some chairs

Best Gaming Chair Under 200

Good Budget :

As you create your buying decision, confirm that the chair you get is that the right size for you and has all the features you want; as you’ll see, there are tons of options, so you’ll likely find something that checks all of your boxes, not just a few.

If you’re on a decent budget, don’t be afraid to urge chairs that aren’t made by huge brands; there’s no sense in paying tons more for a name if you’ll get something almost nearly as good or better for a lower cost. However, you ought to remember of reviews and of the policies for warranties and returns if the chair you select isn’t what you expect. Most of the gaming chairs included during this guide accompany very decent warranties.

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