Best MMO Mouse 2020 – Top 10 MMO Gaming Mice

Best MMO Mouse 2020

Top 10 MMO Gaming Mice

In this buying guide, we will have a look at Best MMO Mouse 2020Top 10 MMO Gaming Mice. All of them were thoroughly used and reviewed by the MMO Mouse Using Gamers and The Nora make sure that all the information should be authentic.

Massively multiplayer on line role-playing games is certainly one of the maximum disturbing games in terms of macros and button requirements.

It isn’t always uncommon to use more than 30 keybindings, and at that point, it comes in handy having some greater ones to be had in your mouse.

So on this list, we are searching at the Best MMO Mouse 2020Top 10 MMO Gaming Mice and different macro heavy video games.

Whether you are are a World of Warcraft or Black Desert player, then this listing is for you! To find the high-quality ones out there, we took a take a look at all the maximum user-rated MMO mice. Then examined all of them in high-stop raiding and PVP environments, and these had been our favorites.

Our 3 Best Picks

1. Asus ROG Spatha

Specifications: 8200 DPI, 150 IPS, 30G acceleration, 2000HZ polling rate, wireless mode, 12 Programmable buttons, 3 zone RGB lighting.

I turned into nearly awaiting to be disappointed by the Asus ROG Spatha and concept there has been no way it could live up to its fee tag. However, as quickly as I unpacked it, I found out just how immensely qualitative and high priced this mouse is. The mouse is prepare with an array of exceptional materials, and the whole thing from the magnesium alloy plate glides to the overall design oozes with fine. The best disadvantage to it’s construct is that it weighs in at 178 grams, which can be slightly more than your common mouse.

Coming from the Republic of Gamers, it came as no surprise that the performance was top-notch, and the tracking and sensor are up there among the very pleasant mice at the market. This is the right mouse for the aggressive MMO gamer that seeks to raid at the best stage or perhaps climb the ladder in the World of Warcraft Arena.

Everything is customizable down to the smallest details, and it even comes with a integrated flash memory which could store more than one profiles. This is a great feature if you use one of a kind macros or keybindings in various settings, inclusive of having a profile for PVP, PVE, and perhaps damage dealing and healing.

The Spatha comes with 12 programmable buttons, which isn’t quite as a whole lot as some of the alternative mice on this list, however for maximum people, it’s far extra than enough. I will say that the button format takes a chunk of time being used to as it is lots specific from the conventional MMO mice just like the Razer Naga or Logitech G600. That said, I did find that I ended up who prefer this type of layout as each button is an awful lot easier to inform apart from one another.

Lastly, it also comes with the choice to replace among stressed and wi-fi mode, which is usually a great characteristic. The 2.4ghz USB wireless connection worked flawlessly and had zero stutters all through our testing. It is well worth noting that the general performance of the mouse does drop a chunk while switching to wi-fi, most appreciably the polling rate — still, a pretty great function to have available.


  •  Superb tracking
  •  High quality build
  •  Can switch between wired & wireless mode


  • Pricey
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2. HyperX Pulsefire Raid

Specifications: 11 programmable buttons, Up to 16.000 DPI, 450 IPS, 50G acceleration, 1ms polling rate, 95g, Pixart 3389 optical sensor.

The MMO mice market is quite ”niche,” and most of the extra installed brands live away from it as they rarely emerge as as the most famous mice, so I was pleased to peer HyperX release the brand new Pulsefire Raid. While I revel in the use of the Pulsefire FPS and the Pulsefire Surge, I should say that the Raid is my favourite HyperX mouse for its respective genre. It has a far greater grounded layout compared to mice just like the Razer Naga and Logitech G600 but nevertheless manages to provide enough buttons for MMO gaming.

Performance-wise it is tough to compete with the Pixart 3389 sensor, and the Pulsefire Raid is arguably the best appearing mouse on the list thanks to it. Its simplistic lightweight design also makes it a superb choice for different genres, including MOBAs and shooters, and the Pulsefire Raid is just a tremendous all-around gaming mouse.


  •  MMO mouse with the performance of an FPS mouse
  •  Simplistic & lightweight design with intuitive button placement


  • Very comfortable
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3. Razer Naga Trinity

Specifications: 12 button thumb grid, One-size-fits-all ergonomic form, Up to 16,000 DPI, 19 Fully Programmable Buttons, 16.8 million color options, 3 interchangeable side plates.

Just like some other Razer mouse, this one is pumped with great specs. At one point, the Razer Naga turned into the quickest and most specific gaming mouse in the world. So concerning performance, you have got not anything to worry approximately with this timeless classic.

This mouse is the inventor of unnecessary powerful stats and the MMO mouse style in general. And that’s what makes it this kind of classic. If you are a person who enjoyed some of the earlier variations of the Razer Naga mouse, you’ll love this one! The improved specifications and advanced grip design make it a lot higher than it’s older versions.

The ultra-modern replacement to the Razer Naga is the Trinity side plates. These allow you to pick among 3 superb side button layouts, the regular Naga MMO format, a rounded eight-button layout, and the same old two-button layout. This is an exceptional addition because the MMO format has a tendency to feel a chunk over the top when you are playing different genres.


  •  High-tier performance all around
  •  Mechanical buttons give excellent tactile feedback
  •  Can switch side plate between regular, MOBA & MMO layout.
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4. Logitech G600

Specifications: 12 side buttons, 8200 DPI, Sculpted shape and tuned buttons, Mouse wheel tilts left/right.

There is clearly nothing incorrect with this mouse. Even although the Logitech G600 doesn’t excel at some thing compared to the other mice in this list, it additionally manages not to have any real flaws.

I recognise the 8400 DPI can also sound underwhelming in comparison to the 16k numerous those mice have, however 9/10 human beings will not want any more than that. It is also critical to recollect that DPI is a highly overvalued specification. It is a long way from on my own in determining the speed/precision and acceleration of the mouse.

My personal Logitech G600 EXPERIENCE has lasted for two years without any problems at all, and I have real doubt that any of its competition can attain that. The customization for this mouse is user-pleasant and easy to use, and the entirety this mouse has is done similar to that, high-quality and straightforward.


  • The most durable and best overall quality
  •  User-friendly software
  •  Great overall performance
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5. Corsair Scimitar Pro

Specifications: 12 side button layout, Corsair software, Custom Corsair optical sensor, Up to 16.000 DPI, Adjustable key positioning(8mm).

The unique Scimitar Pro had a bunch of troubles that by no means without a doubt allowed it to compete with the likes of the Razer Naga or Utech Venus. However, the brand new and greatly improved Scimitar Pro is right here to kick ass and take names.

One of the most big troubles with the old version changed into the lift-off distance issues. It became manner too touchy and might, at times, not sign in movement as it registered the mouse as being above the surface if you performed on anything aside from mousepads. Well, I’m glad to say that the brand new PMW-3367 Corsair Sensor doesn’t have any hint of these issues and is, in fact, one of the higher sensors I have tested in current times. To ensure it didn’t p.C. the same lift-off hassle, we examined it on 4 very distinctive surfaces, and on all of them, it ran smoothly. It is rivaling that of the conventional Razer, Logitech, and HyperX sensors.

The second big problem the old Scimitar mouse had turned into the CUE, that is Corsair’s software. While it’s miles still no longer my favorite, it has been improved loads and is now very user-pleasant and no longer a negative element anymore.

Third, and the last problem was durability. The vintage mouse had this particular rubbery surface. However, the hassle became that the mouse might get worn down relatively fast and start looking like a year-old mouse after some months. They now remade the mouse with primarily hardened plastics, which feels quite easy and more durable.

While Corsair fixed nearly all the massive issues, they also managed to maintain and enhance on the matters that worked well.

The mechanical aspect MMO button format merely is awesome and has some of the nice tactical remarks of any mice in the MMO genre. What makes this layout precise, aside from the high excellent and mechanical build, is the slide function. You can adjust all of the keys about 8mm, which offers you the ability to evolve the layout to higher healthy your preferences, which is a massive deal. One of the maximum prominent troubles humans run into with MMO mice is that the huge design of facet buttons don’t quite match ergonomically. Well, with the Corsair Scimitar Pro, you can make it healthy.

Like a maximum of its competitors, it’s also walking with a whopping 16.000 DPI maximum setting, that’s greater than you will ever need.


  • Compact & ergonomic
  •  Performance is up there with the best of them
  •  Side buttons can be moved 8mm to better fit your preference.
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6. UtechSmart Venus Laser MMO Gaming Mouse

Specifications: Up to 16400 DPI, 1000 Hz polling rate, 30G acceleration, 100-150in/s cursor speed, Avago sensor, 12 programmable side buttons, Weight tuning set, 16 million adjustable colors.

if you take my opinion, A LOT of MMO gaming mice feels very big and clunky due to the more buttons and such. That is NOT the case with this splendor from UtechSmart. It has an remarkable claw grip that makes it sense find it irresistible turned into made only for your hands.

The reality that I select to rate this mouse as the one with the great grip/in shape does NOT mean that it lacks in every other regard, though, pretty the opposite.

Inside, this mouse is more energy than you will ever need. It’s 16400 dpi, 100hz polling price, and 30g acceleration make it among the maximum strong gaming mice in the charge range. Unlike a lot of different mice out there, you could feel the raw energy when using this mouse. Especially with the obvious and handy DPI button on top of the mouse, it’s almost feels like changing gears in a car, and it feels great.

I turned into a little worried approximately the reality that it’s a laser mouse and no longer an optical. This concern, however, turned into, fortunately, folly. In general, I decide on optical gaming mice, but if a laser is performed right, it’s now not a actual issue. Sadly there are only a few laser mice which might be done right.

In fact, laser mice are advanced to optical on paper as it has a higher velocity and precision potential. But this is also now not genuine in the actual world, where optical is 99% of the time better regarding both pace and precision. Nonetheless, this laser mouse for Utech feels as correct as any optical, which could be very impressive.


  • Compact & ergonomic
  •  Performance is up there with the best of them
  •  Side buttons can be moved 8mm to better fit your preference.


  •  Fantastic ergonomics
  •  High-end performance
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7. Roccat Tyon

Specifications: 16 Programmable buttons, 8200 DPI, Pro Aim Laster sensor, All buttons can have 2 functions.

While it without a doubt doesn’t appear like the alternative mice at the list, the Roccat Tyon has the equal high amount of programmable buttons and even more customizability. Not handiest do the Tyon have 8 absolutely programmable keys, but every of them could have a second functionality added. Effectively giving it 16 buttons, as you will ever need that many, however better safe than sorry, I guess. This works however using the so-called ”on-the-fly button duplicator”, which shifts your keys to their different function. For game enthusiasts that enjoy on-the-mice customization and macro key-bindings, then this mouse is a true paradise.

This may sound like a much for any mouse to hold song of, but don’t worry. The 32-Bit processor and 576kb storage ensure that irrespective of how many profiles you make, the Roccat Tyon can take care of it.

In terms of performance, it makes use of the renowned ‘Pro-Aim laser sensor,’ which is widely seemed as one among the satisfactory laser sensors on the market. It’s sporting up to around 8200 DPI, which may not sound like much compared to the 16000 of the Razer Naga, but don’t constantly allow DPI numbers fool you. Dots in keeping with inch isn’t always usually higher the better it’s miles, well-optimized mice like the Roccat Tyon have extra than sufficient pace on provide and believe me after I say you won’t be the usage of it at its maximum settings.

It also gives true RGB lighting, which stands for red-green-blue backlighting and way that you may personalize the LED lights to be any color underneath the sun.

The last element I need to speak about with the Tyon is the ergonomics and easy-switch functionality. The mouse does sense a bit huge however no longer a lot as to sacrifice comfort. Its floor feels qualitative and comfortable. The Easy-shift lets in it to feel less clunky than the traditional MMO mouse even as nevertheless having the same amount of buttons. However, it’s far a bit difficult being used to if you need to use more than the standard 8 as remembering all of the keys and in what function they’re may be tough. That being said, that isn’t always that much one of a kind from an ordinary MMO mouse. Getting used to this quantity of key-bindings can be hard, but if you revel in macro heavy games, then it’s miles clearly worth it.


  •  Ergonomic & sturdy design
  •  Highly precise sensor
  •  An innovative take on the MMO mouse.


  •  Takes a while getting used to
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8. Redragon M901 PERDITION Gaming Mouse

Specifications: 5 Dpi default modes(1000-16000), 1000 Hz polling rate, 30G acceleration, and an Avago sensor, 12 programmable side buttons, 16 million LED color options, Weight tuning set.

I didn’t have excessive hopes for the Redragon M901 PERDITION. Mostly due to its meager charge as compared to the other mice in this list. But this mouse surprised us very positively. Not only is it a tremendous MMO mouse, but it also performs almost on par with the alternative, more high priced mice at the list.

It’s only at 1/2 the charge of most top gaming mice. The specifications and raw electricity on this mouse are notable and among the pleasant on the market. How they managed to position all of that in this gaming mouse with out slapping a heftier fee tag on it’s far past me.

It has endless customization options in the form of over 16 million colorings for the LED display, weight adjustment, and decent software explicitly made for this mouse, which is also very user-friendly. I struggled to locate the right title for this mouse due to the fact that it’s genuinely the nice value, cash can buy, however it’s also among the exceptional in phrases of performance. Also, it has a number of the highest specifications. Personally, I would decide upon the Utech MMO mouse a tiny bit, but it’s also three instances as high priced.

Another factor that makes the one this mouse stand out as compared to its friends is that it works outstanding for MMO gaming, however not handiest that. It doesn’t feel as huge and clunky as maximum MMO mice do, which makes it a first-rate mouse for gaming in general.


  •  Best value for money MMO mouse
  •  Great acceleration & tracking
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9. Havit MS760

Specifications: 14 programmable buttons, Full RGB backlighting, 1200-12.000 DPI, USB mouse, Optical Pixart sensor, Braided cable, Exchangeable panels.

The Havit MS760 is the proper entry-degree MMO mouse for humans who aren’t 100 percentage sure they want to play with this type of mouse. It may be very affordable, and if it seems you don’t just like the MMO facet panel, it is nonetheless a very good gaming mouse with the usual side panel. However, the main point of the interchangeable side panels is, of course, to appease the ones that experience swapping between special genres and don’t want to swap between mice as properly.

Havit are famous for their affordable charges and high value for money, and the MS760 isn’t any unique. The mouse has a powerful sensor with adjustable DPI and polling rates which could go as excessive and 12.000 and 1000, respectively. In case you aren’t familiar with the technical terms – Trust me, 12.000 DPI, and 1000Hz polling price are greater than enough. My simplest problem is the very high bottom-stop DPI of 1200, which can be too excessive for some players. That said, it isn’t so high that you can’t get used to it, and only a few human beings will have a long term trouble with 1200 DPI.

Design-clever it is reasonably ergonomic and feels pretty sturdy, especially when considering its meager rate tag. The programmable aspect buttons on the MMO plate fits properly into your palm and sense very herbal to use.


  • Exceptional value for money
  •  Comfortable design
  •  Very versatile due to the exchangeable panels
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10. Redragon M908 Impact

Specifications: 500-12400 DPI, 1000hz Polling rate, 30G acceleration, 18 Programmable buttons, Pixart PMW3327 sensor, Adjustable weight, RGB Lighting.

The M908 is packed complete of wonderful and excessive-end functions which are rarely seen in mice in this charge range. It is carrying the famous PMW3327 Pixart sensor, that’s generally called one in every of the most particular at the market. Combine that with its exceptionally adjustable DPI that could move as high as 12400, and also you have quite the powerhouse. The precision of this mouse is pretty amazing for its charge, and it feels like the right choice for people on a budget that still want a certain quality.

M908 is also noticeably adjustable, both in terms of aesthetics and performance. It comes with the usual DPI adjustment button that lets in you to head from sluggish and precise to ultra-rapid in some clicks. However, just like the DPI, macros, and everything else, it’s miles customizable inside the Redragon software to a miles more extent. It is permitting you to customize your mouse to perfection.

The layout is also quite great, but like with maximum other MMO mice, you ought to be conscious that it is barely large than your average gaming mouse. It comes with full RGB lights with 7 custom backlit modes to pick out from. So whether or not you need a continually converting breath of LED light or if you want your mouse lighting fixtures to react to your action, the M908 has a sample for you.


  • Great sensor & tracking
  •  Very customizable
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What the factor of an MMO Mouse?
MMO’s including World of Warcraft has a whole different kind of complexity than maximum other games. To carry out at a high level; it’s a should have TONS of key bindings, that is why an MMO mouse is centered merely at macro-control and usually comes with numerous extra hotkey at the side, designed to decorate your overall performance in-game.

This list was impossible to do in chronological order. Just because the mice that made it onto the listing all achieved so well, and all have their strengths and weaknesses. So we determined to recognition on that instead. We hope this may help you find the best MMO mouse for you and help you to your adventures in Azeroth!

These 4 elements are what we considered most critical in our review.
Feel/performance – How does it sense to use? Are the key bindings and layout intuitive, and does it perform overall?
Specifications/Features – What form of the engine did they put in the gaming mouse? Does it have any greater features, and do they work well?
Quality – How long-lasting and qualitative is the product?
Price – How much fee for money do you get with the mouse?
These are the things we can be searching the maximum at. Obviously, there are numerous other elements to don’t forget when doing in-intensity reviews, so rest easy! We have taken the whole lot from durability to the container it got here into attention when making this list.

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