Best Gaming Keyboards Under $100

Best Gaming Keyboards Under

Gaming Keyboards Under $100

Are you searching out a fee variety Gaming Keyboards Under $100 ? You have just landed within the right place. We are going to introduce you to the great in this charge variety.

A conventional keyboard is not terrible for playing video games, however if you are a important gamer, a gaming keyboard can offer you with an immense benefit.

Gaming keyboards have numerous blessings over their conventional counterparts. Perhaps the maximum striking are additional buttons, backlit, and wrist resting choice.

However, there are more benefits under the hood like Cherry MX switches and Mechanical Switches.

After the growth of gaming merchandise in cutting-edge years, you may find numerous keyboards designed to satisfy the desires of all forms of players.

You do now not need to invest within the maximum expensive, massive, and illuminated keyboard. You absolutely must look for a keyboard with our three standards in mind.

We reviewed 10 of the exceptional gaming keyboards below a hundred$ to be had within the marketplace consistent with these three requirements.

We do now not wanted everybody to be left without at least one option. So the keyboards we reviewed are perfectly valid for any type of player.

How to select out your gaming keyboard?

If you do some research to buy a gaming keyboard you’ll soon apprehend that there are many options. That is why we are going to come up with a chain of guidelines to choose out the right keyboard to play. Do now not pass over them!

What type of keyboard do you want?

This might also sound ridiculous, however, many human beings don’t recognize the styles of keyboards that exist in the market. It is obvious that, while selecting a keyboard you need to recognize what you are in search of out. A computer keyboard is not the same as for a desktop pc (or at least it shouldn’t be).

Scissor keyboard: These styles of keyboards are the most utilized in laptops. The artwork with small quantities of plastic that do the action of a scissor at the same time as we press it. They are the form of keyboard with a reasonably brief lifespan, similarly to accumulating a whole lot of dirt.

Membrane keyboard: The substantial majority of keyboards supplied are of this type. They have a plastic element beneath the entire set of keys that presses the corresponding key circuit. They are the most economical choice and do not make much noise. However, their reaction time isn’t always the most optimal.

Mechanical keyboards: The keyboards gaming par excellence. Under every key, there’s a transfer, which is responsible for urgent the circuit. They have a great reaction time, the lifespan is longer than the other. Only one turn away is that they make a loud noise while the use of them.

As you may study above, if you want an actual gaming keyboard, get a mechanical keyboard.

Do you need it back-lit?

Gaming Keyboards

If you want your keyboard to mild up, its price will increase. If you additionally want to have LED lighting that changes color, then we recommend that you reflect on consideration on a mechanical keyboard first.

Normally, you may discover nicely mechanical keyboard from $70 to above.

3. Do you use the macro keys?

The macro keys are used in some video games to shopping combinations of buttons. In this way, you could carry out chained abilities and combos a wonderful deal greater easily. The large majority of gaming keyboards come with a few macros, regardless of the truth that the most modest may not have one.

4. Cable or wi-fi?

Although cables are a nuisance, batteries can be even more cumbersome. It depends on each character, of course. But, when you have a place or the possibility to have a peripheral with cable, we recommend which you choose that.

The wi-fi devices (other than the better end) often bring problems on your battery and response time for the duration of gaming.

The Best Gaming Keyboards under one $100

Peripheral corporations regularly exaggerate the usefulness of the components or avoid technical details.

We don’t want you to waste money, so we consciousness on three fundamental aspects of selecting a very good gaming keyboard: switches, the number of programmable buttons, and the kind of transmission.

We comprehend that design is moreover important. However, it is difficult to categorize this section, since each design appeals to unique users. Only you could say which one is satisfactory for you.

The sort of transmission refers to whether or now not the keyboard is membrane or mechanical. In some cases, it’s miles a rely on preference. But mechanical keyboards are, objectively, extra durable, greater precise, costly, and clean to restore or customize, compared to membrane ones.

To restore a membrane keyboard, you ought to replace the membrane (which is high-priced) or buy every other keyboard. To repair a mechanical keyboard, you sincerely want to replace the switches on the broken key.

If you choose out a mechanical keyboard, you may maximum likely have Cherry MX switches, the leaders within the switch department. They are categorized via shade (pink, blue, brown, grey, etc.) and this refers to their qualities. Such as sensation, distance traveled, and the sound they make when pressing.

Our modern-day recommendation is the Cherry MX brown switches, as they’re best for both gaming and writing.

1. HyperX Alloy FPS Pro

HyperX is not as famous or referred to as Razer, Corsair, or Logitech. However, they have an exciting collection of gaming devices. The Alloy FPS Pro is truly certainly one of its maximum compact products and is optimized for FPS (First Person Shooter) games.

HyperX Alloy FPS Pro

The keyboard layout is compact, with a duration of 35.8 cm. How do they gain this? The model is tenkeyless, or rather, without a numeric pad. This may be a problem for some, however, the reality is that no longer everyone uses it.

Besides, the cable can be removed to facilitate the transport of the keyboard in a bag.

Despite its small length, the Alloy FPS Pro keys have some separation. The small location leftover lets in you to keep away from accidentally urgent keys, a few issues very common in compact keyboards.


The keyboard is mechanical and uses red Cherry MX switches. These are the favorites of the FPS gamers since they’re fast, do not make a good buy noise, and the time amongst each press is sort of imperceptible.

Is it lit? Yes. But you can’t change the default red tone. You can trade the effects, but up there. Fortunately, the layout and region of the backlight is low profile.

Being a mechanical keyboard, its value is a chunk better notwithstanding being exceptionally simple. Either way, it is not that luxurious, and its mechanical precision may be very proper.


  • Mechanical and with pink Cherry MX switches.
  • Compact format.


  • No numeric pad.
  • It has no macros.

2. Corsair K55 RGB

Corsair entered the gaming peripherals market recently, however, their dedication to exceptional has raised them to a positive prestige. They have an in-depth line of keyboards, and the K55 RGB is one of their cheap options (but desirable enough to be located at the top of our list).

Best Gaming Keyboards Under $100

It isn’t precisely compact but has a properly conceivable period of 48 cm. How should we expect from Corsair, it has a comfortable removable wrist relaxation, and also, a pinnacle band with the company’s logo, the buttons to govern multimedia, and the button to report macros.


It has 6 programmable macros, where you may “report” from an unmarried key-press to complicated multi-key combos. All without the use of additional software programs, as it is recorded by means of pressing the “MR” (“ Macro Record ”, or “macro recording”) button.

In addition to this, it has buttons to control multimedia, which includes quantity up and down, pause, forward, go lower back and stop. The keyboard gives you the choice of blocking the Windows key, stopping the unintentional deployment of the startup sooner or later of an intense moment.

Despite being membrane, the keyboard is multi-touch. This gives you extra precision and ensures that the keys you press might be interpreted.

It uses dynamic RGB back-lighting fixtures in 3 wonderful zones. You can pick out greater than 10 lighting fixtures modes with special effects, from static to surround.

The product can be very reasonably-priced. It can be a desire for a large number of users, and its fee-rate is favorable.


  • Excellent fee.
  • Multi-touch.
  • Macro recording without software program.


  • It’s a membrane multi-touch.
  • The top band gets dirty easily.
the nora

3. Razer Cynosa Chroma

It may moreover come as a marvel to a few, however, Razer has some low-value merchandise. The Cynosa Chroma is a remarkable membrane keyboard and can compete with mechanical keyboards whose prices are higher than this.

Razer Cynosa Chroma

The length is really smaller than the commonplace one, with a duration of 46.2 cm.

The most thrilling addition to this product is its liquid resistant layout, so an unintended spill has to not be the stop of its life.

Aesthetically, the product is low profile, without hanging shapes or lights. In our opinion, this is the first-class manner to method the format.


Although the transmission is by way of a membrane, the keys are quite precise, and its contact is padded for added comfort. Its mechanical precision is nicely sufficient because it has an anti-ghosting of up to ten keys.

The keyboard does no longer has extra buttons, however, the usage of the device configuration program, you may exchange the linkage of the buttons and assign macros with multi-key combos.

This keyboard makes use of Chroma for feedback. You can pick from loads of thousands of colors, and assign a mess of very first-class consequences to customize the aesthetic.

It isn’t always the cheapest, however, it is very low-value and has functions of a higher-give up keyboard for a lower price. The rate-cost ratio is brilliant.


  • Affordable.
  • The lighting consequences are excellent.


  • Uses membrane.
  • It has no more buttons.
the nora

4. Logitech G910 Orion Spark

Logitech has a nearly immaculate reputation in the laptop peripherals industry. The G910 Orion Spark is one of the many tremendous gadgets manufactured with the aid of the way of the company. It offers high functionality and mechanical precision.

Logitech G910 Orion Spark

The Orion Spark is rather massive, with a period of 50.5 cm. The wrist relaxation is angled and in our opinion, it does not anything nicely. However, the unit has a container to park your smartphone, which could be very handy and permits the usage of the Arx Control system.


It is a mechanical keyboard but does no longer use Cherry MX switches, however its patented Romer-G switches. They are of comparable pleasant to the Cherry MX concerning the precision, however, they tour tons much less distance, which makes them extra responsive and durable.

The Arx Control permits the character to monitor device records or video game (if it has compatibility) using an iOS or Android device.

It has nine programmable buttons, and three macro buttons, next to the document button. This and more may be configured in the system suite.

It uses dynamic RGB with the useful resource of key, which opens up very exciting opportunities, which include cataloging the capacity buttons of a MOBA (“multiplayer online warfare arena”) of 1 shade, or the weapons alternate buttons of every other.

It already enters any other rate category, so it is a bit extra high-priced than what we’ve reviewed so far. However, it is still less costly for its operation.


  • Robust lights system.
  • The Arx Control may be very beneficial.
  • A lot of macro customization.


  • The format is surprisingly awkward.
  • Romer-G switches may not be as accurate for writing as Cherry MX for some humans.
the nora

5. Corsair K63 Wireless

Again with Corsair, this time with a compact wireless model. The K63 offers unparalleled portability and comfort, all without forsaking precision.

Corsair K63 Wireless

The keyboard may be very compact, thanks to the tenkeyless layout, with a duration of 36.five cm. The wrist rest is simple, no longer padded, and unfortunately, it can not be removed, so the keyboard depth is truly massive (16.7 cm), however, nothing tricky.


The keyboard is mechanical, with contact textured keys. Use red Cherry MX switches to enhance overall performance in games that require pressing keys quickly, which consist of FPS.

It works wirelessly, however the signal is robust and encryption is secure. The battery rate can final a long time after being fully charged and the adapter is small to keep away from inconvenience.

Uses a blue LED returned-mild at the keys, but you can’t alternate the colour, only a few consequences like intensity.

For what it is, the charge will be very exact. It is not highly-priced, and could even be considered less costly if we study it with merchandise of similar capability.


  • Compact and portable.
  • Comfortable format with touch keys.


  • Almost no backlit options.
  • The wrist relaxation leaves hundreds to be desired.

6. Razer Blackwidow Chroma v2

We already check what a Razer membrane keyboard can do. The Blackwidow Chroma v2 suggests mechanical excellence. It is an elegant, condensed, and very useful keyboard.

Razer Blackwidow Chroma v2

It has a modern-day and minimalist fashion, although it is virtually huge, with a duration of 52 cm. The wrist relaxation could be very comfortable, and if the scale bothers you, it is able to be removed.


The keyboard is mechanical and does not use Cherry MX switches, but green patented Razer switches. They are tactile and make a clicking noise even as taking place to the lowest of the key.

This keyboard has two handy ports to the proper of the range pad, one for USB and one for the audio jack.

There is no extra keys, however, it does have 5 programmable macros that you could configure inside the tool suite.

It uses the Razer Chroma tool, which has many colorings, specific results, and all this and greater may be configured via the tool suite. You can create and hold profiles to present your private touch to every situation.

If you’ve got greater Razer gadgets that use Chroma, you can synchronize them to share the same fashion.

This keyboard is highly-priced, as you might assume from Razer, however it is reasonable. The production first-rate of the device and the enormous capability and precision are clearly worth it, in our opinion.


  • Modern and minimalist format.
  • High mechanical precision.
  • It has a USB port.


  • Expensive.
  • Switches now not as tactile as the Cherry MX.

7. Newskill Hanshi Spectrum Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This brand might also take you by means of wonder, however, this Gaming mechanical keyboard may be very cheap. It is even much less costly than a number of the membrane keyboards!

Newskill Hanshi Spectrum Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

At first glance, we observe the contemporary and minimalist layout of the keyboard. It is as an alternative compact since its handiest measures fifty cm in length. The outstanding part is that it does not sacrifice the range pad, and it’s far quite moderate. Generally, willpower must be made in need of one of the alternatives, but now not on this case.

Besides, the unit comes with a beneficial tool that allows you to take away the keys to alternate the switches.


The keyboard is mechanical but does not use Cherry MX switches, but pink Kalih switches. They aren’t awful, they’re pretty resistant, however, they do now not have the identical tactile sensation of the Cherry.

That said, the purple switches are correct and fast, which is top-notch for FPS game enthusiasts. The keyboard has anti-ghosting on the maximum important keys which includes the “WASD” combination.

It has no greater buttons to program, but you could configure macros with any key without using extra applications.

It makes use of RGB lights, a characteristic usually abandoned on extra reasonably-priced keyboards. You can transfer amongst six specific lighting fixtures profiles with numerous colorings and effects. You do not want to apply a configuration suite to make these

The terrific part of this keyboard: its cost is inner our selected budget. Considering the usefulness and mechanical precision, it may be an amazing choice for people who need extra for less with a reduced budget.


  • The price may be very favorable.
  • Competitive accuracy.


  • It has no extra buttons, so making macros may be extra hard.

8. SteelSeries Apex M750

SteelSeries does matters large … literally. The Apex M750 is not high-quality long, however, it moreover has very exciting features, particularly within the lighting fixtures and macros section.

SteelSeries Apex M750

As we mentioned, the keyboard is enormously lengthy, with a period of 45.three cm, however, it has keys with a slight separation, which offers extra protection when pressing keys quickly.

The indication of every key is large and clear, without backlit. For some, that may be a trouble, but in our opinion, it enables visibility.

Best Gaming Keyboards Under $100 16Best Gaming Keyboards Under $one hundred 17
The introduction is the product of an aluminum alloy, which gives it a totally present-day look, other than being brilliant resistant.


It does now not use Cherry MX mechanical switches, however the company’s patented QX2. In assessment to some Cherry switches, it has a low actuation factor and is linear, now not tactile. In terms of terrific, they are quite reliable, in addition to durable.

The macrosystem is strong, regardless of no longer having more buttons.

The RGB lighting is integrated with Discord, the popular instant call, and message software program application, allowing you to gather visual feedback with each message, call, or server notification.

In turn, you could configure keyboard lighting fixtures to “mimic” a gif. You simply ought to upload it and the software program will contend with the rest.

Not so precise. The keyboard is extremely pricey, despite the fact that we can recognize why. However, the competencies are fairly superfluous, and it does not have an entire lot effect on use.


  • Robust lighting fixtures.
  • Very durable format and materials


  • Expensive.
  • Touch switches are missed.

9. Havit KB390L

The Havit emblem has a very long line of pc peripherals. His fashion is present day, minimalist, and simple. The KB390L is a mechanical keyboard able to melting in any environment, except possibly it’s discrete blue lighting.

Havit KB390L

It is mild and thin, weighing approximately 520g, with a duration of 35.four cm. The format is tenkeyless, without the amount pad, so it is able to be difficult for some. There is a numerical pad model, but it is more high priced. The cable may be removed, which greatly facilitates delivery.


It is mechanical and makes use of blue Kalih switches. The tactile sensation is missed, however, the Kalih has a shorter journey distance and equal durability. As a result, the keys are decrease than the ones of the equal old keyboards, which can be inconvenient for a few, however a notable addition for writers.

It has no additional buttons or macros, but the anti-ghosting of this keyboard is impressive, accomplishing up to 87 keys at the identical time.

It uses blue LED lighting fixtures, and it can’t be changed. But you could configure some options, along with brightness or intensity, all without extra software program.

For its capability, it’s miles high-priced. However, Kalish switches, the minimalist and transportable layout, and its discreet lighting fixtures make it an attractive option.

It isn’t very highly-priced, but you could get extra features in that rating category.


  • Great format.
  • Excellent for writers given the switches.


  • It’s no longer as reasonably-priced as it have to be.
  • No form of macros.

10.Logitech G413

Logitech products have that intangible benefit of reputation. Sometimes it is volatile to consider others’ fame, but the G413 isn’t always awful at all. It is comfortable, durable, and mechanical.

It has a minimalist design and a present day aluminum finish. The keys are spaced from the main-board for better aesthetic consistency. The length is adequate, with a length of 44.five cm irrespective of the wide variety pad.

Best Gaming Keyboards Under $a hundred 20Best Gaming Keyboards Under $a hundred 21


Uses patented Romer-G switches. They are low journey and silent. Some writers will love the fast distance however will pass over the sound.

On the front, it has a USB port to connect gadgets. The unit has substitute keys but has no greater keys. However, you can configure macros the usage of key combinations, or perhaps map one of the type keys.

Use gray LED lighting. It has no option to change the coloration or effect and is nice perceived through the keys. A beneficial addition for folks who kind at night, however nothing more.

It is a chunk luxurious, but no longer too much. The mechanical precision is awesome, and the functionality of the macros, backlight, and a similarly USB port make it a on hand device.


  • Durable format and materials.
  • Reasonable rate.


  • Simple as compared to different keyboards.
  • Check the rate & availability on Amazon

Buyer’s Guide

Expensive gaming keyboards, they’ll now not make you a professional player, however relying on the keyboard, and the use you supply it, you can characteristic yourself over other gamers.

If we go a bit in addition, keyboards have makes use of outside of gaming. Whether you write, applications, layout, or get accounts, you operate a keyboard in your ordinary life. So acquiring one which does your procedure and your most effective pastimes are the maximum sensible.

We hope we’ve got helped you! Follow these guidelines to enhance your purchase:

Do you need the quantity pad and multimedia keys?

We recommend which you examine your situation. A variety pad no longer best lengthens the keyboard, however, the price also goes up . Unless you have got a particular use that you can gain from with one, you have to forget approximately the wide variety pad, and at the side of that idea, we upload the multimedia keys.

Do you have a Corsair mouse?

Gaming peripherals, in particular human beings with lights or macros, require a configuration suite.

Each logo has its personal for its product line, but if you use peripherals from distinctive manufacturers you will become with a large number of programs on your computer.

Are your partitions skinny or does your family hate noise?

Beware of blue Cherry MX switches or their derivatives.

The sound of each shape of transfer is unique, but blue is the loudest of all. This makes him very pricey to full-time writers and certain game enthusiasts, however keep in mind the troubles they may generate with others.

It is never too much to check which switch the keyboard you need has and the way it sounds.

Best of right fortune in shopping for your next Gaming Keyboard. Let us understand within the observation which one you are the usage of and why it’s miles your favorite.

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