Mini ATX vs. Micro ATX, Which is the Best for Gaming?

mini atx vs micro atx

micro atx vs mini itx..? Some people simply love to play video games on their PCs. To have the closing gaming experience you want some high-quality stuff jogging your PC. You need an awesome keyboard, Mouse, Chair, and plenty of other additives consisting of your motherboard.

Your motherboard contains all the simple and essential additives of your computer. You can play all forms of games for your PC with an excellent motherboard.

There is a lot that you have to bear in mind before buying a Motherboard on your PC. They are available in unique sizes, applications, and formats. The most commonplace motherboards for computing device PCs are the ATX motherboards by means of Intel. This consists of the micro ATX and AT X motherboards. We will inspect these motherboards, their capabilities, and find out the exceptional ideal for gaming!

Let’s Get Straight Dive in it.

1. ATX:

ATX vs. Micro ATX

As a replacement for the unique AT layout, Intel released the ATX version in 1995. The present-day ATX layout has a big motherboard this is 12 by 9.6 inches long. This form of the motherboard has 4 extra slots for RAM. You can comfortably suit RAM playing cards of as much as 16 GB for your desktop.
This makes the ATX motherboard suitable for gamers and business workstations that run on RAM intensive programs. The ATX motherboard has pairs of onboard controllers for external drives, the motherboard also improves video card slots which may be useful while you need to match in a few image cards and a few different uploads one.
You can enlarge some ATX forums versions through at least 13 inches to help you to keep greater extra features for your PC micro atx vs mini itx.
When you are managing extended versions of the ATX motherboard, you have to additionally recall whether or not your motherboard would fit in your PC case. We will check out the ATX motherboard and reveal some of the distinct capabilities that make it desirable for gaming.

Size: The ATX format measures 305 by means of 204 mm.
It has a big length that could accommodate more than one ports and add ons.
You can add up to 4 video cards within the AXT motherboard.
This format has a varying intensity that varies on extraordinary boards to accommodate larger lovers and different PC modules.
A massive length ATX layout might be an ideal fit that suits most of your gaming needs.

RAM: The ATX format motherboard has up to four extra RAM slots that can accommodate Ram playing cards of up to 32 GB according to the slot.
It has top-notch overall performance whilst strolling high RAM intensive packages on your computer. The availability of four extra RAM slots makes it clean for run excessive picture games for your PC.
A RAM of 16GB is plenty of areas to run a sport on your laptop, having an extra three extra Ram slots offers you much extra than the vital space requirement.Professional gamers can use this form of the board to build high-performance computer systems while playing games that require high-performance CPUs.

PCIe slots: ATX motherboards have approximately seven slots that you could use to add extra devices to your PC.
The presence of many PCIes means that you could have extra video cards and modems attached for your PC micro atx vs mini itx.
These additions will assist you to get better first-class snapshots and performance from your computer games. These slots can also accommodate unique sound playing cards that assist provide you excessive first-class sound results to your game, in the long run, improving your experience.
Some of the ATX PCIe slots can keep extra SSD and HDD disks that may be useful whilst storing massive files of data.

Price: The ATX motherboard comes at a relatively high charge compared to other motherboards such as the Mini ITX and Micro ATX.
These boards have high-end capabilities whose design allows for much greater higher performance than other boards. The motherboards include masses of additions to provide you an excessive fine overall performance in particular when strolling high overall performance operations.
The ATX motherboard can match as a terrific gaming motherboard in case you are willing to pay extra. It is more than capable of coping with even the maximum traumatic video games out there. The ATX motherboard is additionally beneficial in handling excessive stop and annoying office computer programs.


  • High overall performance.
  • Have four RAM slots.
  • Numerous PCIe slots.


  • Larger size cannot fit standard computer cases.
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micro atx vs mini itx

2. Micro ATX :

The Micro ATX motherboard first seemed in 1997 through Intel.
The product has a reverse compatibility characteristic that makes it possible to use each motherboard in one laptop case.
Micro ATX motherboards have similar strength connectors as their large ATX versions.
A feature that makes it rather clean to trade among the specific motherboards.
A micro ATX motherboard has a fairly smaller size that offers it a great deal fewer expansion options.
The motherboard can help outside slots for RAM cards and has fewer PCIe slots in assessment to its large version.
This motherboard maintains an excellent performance that makes it right for strolling your PC games. Each of its slots can maintain as much as 32 GB of RAM space, this makes it very well capable of conserving even the most RAM in-depth PC games within the market.
Their small sizes permit you to match this motherboard in most of your computer cases. The board lacks extra enlargement area that greatly limits its capability to preserve some greater upload one micro atx vs mini itx.
You also can use this motherboard to run widespread pc packages in your enterprise.
We will investigate some capabilities of the MicroATX motherboard that make it suitable for gaming.

Size: The Micro ATX motherboard measures 244mm through 244mm.
The smaller length lets in you to fit your board in smaller cases. Ideally, the MicroATX motherboard can healthy within the larger PC instances of the ATX for the reason that they both operate the use of the same strength specifications.
This smaller size also reduces the range of available slots for some extra add ons. Gamers pick memory forums with several PCIes that make it less difficult for them to enhance the features of the game. For instance, your handiest have two RAM slots in this version and the PCIe options are confined to four.
This motherboard layout can handle a maximum of the requirements of your game however could have demanding situations in managing particularly demanding computer-primarily based enterprise programs.

RAM: This product has two extra RAM slots that can accommodate cards of up to 32GB. You get greater than enough extra memory space to run maximum Games.
Your laptop will experience a good overall performance by means of making use of this motherboard. Some variants of the Micro ATX motherboard have 4 RAM slots, which gives you extra space to run your gaming applications.
PCIe SlotsThe Micro ATX can maintain up to 4 PCIe slots in step with the unit. This offers you extra alternatives while you want to improve your enjoyment. You can upload sound cards, video playing cards and graphic playing cards to improve your games’ basic functions.

Price: The Micro ATX motherboard format has a tremendously cheaper charge than different ATX formats. The board is common in trendy computers with many humans preferring the smaller variant for high pleasant performance.

This includes presenting game enthusiasts with an excessive-performance product that may play most of their games in addition to including enough additional slots to help exceptional enhancements.


  • Smaller extra compact size
  • Can fit in widespread size computers
  • Good overall performance


  • Smaller length manner fewer additional slots for the board.
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micro atx vs mini itx


A majority of PC gamers love to evaluate the 2 motherboards mainly ATX and Micro ATX motherboard.
Both motherboards have masses of similarities, they both use comparable electricity outputs and can keep more than one slots for upload ons.
The forums have wonderful variations that keep them particular and suitable for one of a kind uses.
Gamers wishing to undertake either of the motherboard ought to base their desire on special considerations.
Some would select big sizes with a couple of slots while others would pick extra compact and smaller forums.
Firstly we will check out every of the distinct differences between the two motherboards has before choosing the satisfactory motherboard for gaming.


When it comes to size, the ATX layout gets the points.
This motherboard is barely larger than its Micro ATX counterpart is. Some variations of the ATX format deliver extensions that make the motherboard even large.
Having a massive length is a major benefit to game enthusiasts since you can add a few extra additives like SDDS and video playing cards for your PC.
Having a smaller size does no longer give the Micro ATX motherboard a critical disadvantage. The smaller length can still run maximum video games with no hitches and it’s far possible to apply the smaller sized motherboard in spaces that are more compact.
For instance, the smaller sized micro ATX motherboard can fit within the casing of the bigger ATX version.


Both motherboard fashions have comparable RAM garage capacities. This makes them suitable for RAM extensive gaming.

You can decide to feature additional RAM for your PC by inserting RAM cards within the Extra slots. The ATX motherboard can support up to 4 RAM slots.

Each RAM slot can accommodate RAM cards of as much as 32GB which I plenty of area for gaming

The micro ATX model has a similar RAM capacity though some models have fewer RAM slots.

Some variations of the motherboard can help up to four RAM slots. A RAM card of 32GB in line with a slot will provide you sufficient RAM to run even the maximum demanding game.

Most games require a RAM of 16 GB with a purpose to play with out glitches. Both laptop motherboards are suitable for high pleasant games.


The ATX motherboard has a higher price in contrast to its smaller version.
This motherboard has more elaborate capabilities than the ones of the Micro ATX and can easily outdo its smaller model at the wide variety and amount of tasks it may reap at a time.
An excessive-performance motherboard is a quality applicable in jogging and operating statistics intensive programs.
This motherboard is relevant in massive places of work to address demanding pc assignments of micro atx vs mini itx.
MicroATX is relatively less expensive and less difficult to acquire.
The price is within the attained maximum gaming enthusiasts and offers you a good price for money. It can meet the maximum of your PC gaming necessities at a lesser rate.
This makes the MicroATX motherboard the satisfactory motherboard for gaming.
You can healthy it into smaller and extra compact spaces, unlike its large variant. In addition, the motherboard can run instead with the ATX format since it could suit inside its casing.
The smaller motherboard also comes at a less expensive price and is greater accessible to gamers. It has an amazing go back on investment at the same time as offering excellent performance.
The ATX motherboard is more ideal for workstations in place of gaming.
Its functions some distance exceed the minimum necessities of maximum PC games.
You also get an exceptionally higher fee tag than the MicroATX motherboard. A factor that keeps it out of reach for most gamers.

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