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Best Miter Saws 2020 (Compound, Sliding) – Review

Best Miter Saws 2020 (Compound, Sliding), If you’ve ever tried to create a mitered corner cuts the usage of a miter field and a hand noticed, then you definitely recognize just how an awful lot time, effort, and frustration a real miter saw can store you. No more burning forearms and slightly-off angles.

A first-rate miter noticed can make quick work of even complex angled cuts, and it’ll do them easily and efficiently. But there are some drastic differences between miter noticed models that you want to be aware of earlier than you pull the cause and reduce the competition all the way down to a single noticed to add on your collection.

Miter noticed blades vary in length from 7¼ inches to twelve inches. Saws can be simply over 20 kilos or as heavy as 60+ kilos. There are many variables to consider, and it’s vital to make sure that the saw you pick out can perform the tasks that you need it to. While purchasing round for our next miter saw, we did some substantial testing to see what models are absolutely the best, and the following 10 evaluations will compare a number of our favorites.

A Comparison of our Favorite Picks in 2020

ModelPriceTypeOur Rating
DEWALT DWS779 (12-inch)

(Best Overall)

Check Price
Sliding compound4.85/5
Metabo HTP C10FCGS (10-inch)

(Best Value)

Check Price
Bosch GCM12SD (12-inch)

(Premium Choice)

Check Price
Sliding Compound4.60/5
Metabo HPT C12FDHS (12-inch)

Check Price
DEWALT DWS715 (12-inch)

Check Price

The 10 Best Miter Saws

1. DEWALT DWS779 12-inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw – Best Overall

Best Miter Saws

There’s a cause why you’ll find DEWALT tools within the palms of many professionals. Truthfully, there are pretty a few reasons, and the DWS779 12-inch sliding compound miter noticed presentations all of them. This is a beast of a notice that’s able to everything you may consider and pretty some things you’ve by no means idea of. For instance, it can cut through lumber that’s up to 6.75 inches thick. Just as impressive; it may cut via a 16-inch wide piece of lumber way to the sliding rails and big 12-inch blade. Add the powerful 15-amp motor into the equation and it’s easy to look why this noticed tops our list.

Most miter saws nowadays can bevel to at least one side. The DWS779 can bevel to each facet beyond forty-five degrees. The fence may also slide out of the manner to allow the blade plenty of room. While maximum saws function some kind of dust containment system, the DEWALT version on this noticed surely works and prevented us from having sawdust in our faces or lots mess to easy up. The seize is that that is a heavy and pricey noticed, but we suppose it’s well well worth the tradeoff.


  • Cuts lumber up to 2X16
  • 3-year warranty
  • Powerful 15-amp motor
  • Double 45-degree bevel
  • Dust collection system that actually works


  • Pretty hefty
  • Not cheap

2. Metabo HTP C10FCGS 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw – Best Value

Power tools can get expensive, and miter saws are on the larger, higher-priced end of the spectrum. But with the Metabo HTP C10FCGS, you could get an excellent miter saw at a completely low-priced price. It’s got a smaller 10-inch blade that can’t cut thru larger lumber, however for something 2×6 and smaller, it’s an incredible choice. Equipped with a powerful 15-amp motor, it’s got masses of strength to cut via something that the blade will reach through. It’s even great for reducing via metals if you switch the blade out.

One problem we noticed with a number of the premium 12-inch miter saws changed into that they were extraordinarily heavy and bulky. You wouldn’t need to move them around often. That’s quality for a saw with a purpose to spend its existence in a workshop, however, if you ever move outdoor of your workspace for a project, Even although it’s smaller and inexpensive than quite a few the competition, the five-year warranty ought to offer peace of mind. For us, it all provides up to the satisfactory miter saw for the money.


  • Affordably priced, even for hobbyists
  • Powerful 15-amp motor
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Five-year warranty


  • 10-inch blade can’t cut larger lumber

3. Bosch GCM12SD 12″ Sliding Compound Miter Saw – Premium Choice

Tools are one thing that a number of us can justify spending top dollar directly to get a premium tool a good way to safely carry out for decades without issue. For the one’s individuals, the GCM12SD 12-inch miter noticed from Bosch Power Tools is the Rolls-Royce of miter saws. It’s full of every characteristic and additional that you could imagine, however, it comes with a premium charge tag. This saw is also a heavyweight beast, tipping the scales at 88 pounds. But it’s were given the punch of a heavyweight too, with a three-horsepower, 15-amp motor sending nearly-unlimited strength to the blade.

While this is a powerful monster of a miter saw, that’s not all that you’re paying for. You additionally get some fantastic extra features that add as much as a top-notch device. On the returned of the noticed is a port where you could attach a vacuum to smooth up the dirt as you cut, getting rid of any mess. The desk is massive to offer assistance, but it is going a step similarly with extendable assist arms to present you 40 general inches of assist. That all sounds nice, but that is a well-built and sturdy gadget that you need to apply to appreciate.


  • Excellent dust collection
  • Extremely sturdy and well-built
  • 14-inch cutting capacity
  • Vacuum adapter
  • Built-in sliding supports


  • Very heavy
  • Quite pricey

4. Metabo 12″ C12FDHS Compound Miter Saw

Metabo HPT is the brand new name for the well-known tool brand, Hitachi. They’ve been making excellent tools for an extended time, and their new call and lineup have brought the high performance to a greater affordable charge point. The C12FDHS is a 12-inch noticed packed with all the standard capabilities for a reasonable fee. It’s got a 15-amp motor that packs 1,950 watts of strength spinning the blade. It doesn’t slide, but you may still cut through anything 2×eight and smaller. For trim work and finer carpentry, the blade bevels to both sides. The inner portions of the fence flip out of the way to allow room so the blade doesn’t hit them when it’s beveled.

Like many saws, the C12FDHS has a laser guide system to help you see wherein the blade will reduce. But additionally like many saws, the laser becomes inaccurate, dim, and now not very useful overall. Coming in beneath 60 pounds, this saw became much easier to transport than a number of the opposite 12-inch miter saws we had been evaluating it against. However, the shorter reach means it can’t cut the equal length lumber, that is why this noticed just overlooked our pinnacle three.


  • More affordable than other 12-inch saws
  • The 15-amp motor makes plenty of cutting power
  • Bevels to both sides
  • Five-year warranty


  • Can only cut up to 2×8 lumber
  • The laser is inaccurate and low-powered

5. DEWALT 12-Inch DWS715 Miter Saw

Being one of the kings in the power device world, it’s no longer surprising that DEWALT has ended up with two offerings on our list. The DWS715 is a stout 15-amp miter saw with a 12-inch blade that’s capable of sinking its tooth into something five inches thick and 8 inches extensive or smaller. Overall, it’s a very capable noticed, however, it’s more high priced than some of its closest competitors without offering quite as many first-rate features. That said, DEWALT is known for producing sturdy equipment with a completely excessive build great and this noticed absolutely lives up to that reputation.

With the DWS715, you get a tall fence that’s extremely good for reducing large material. The fence even slides out of the way for doing beveled cuts, however, the blade only bevels to the left, in contrast to the Metabo saw within the position ahead of this DEWALT. This noticed additionally doesn’t have a laser mild for lining up your cut. However, the DEWALT is a great bit lighter at just over 40 pounds. DEWALT covers their gear with a three-yr warranty, which isn’t the nice within the industry, but it’s far better than nothing.


  • Tall sliding fences for large material and bevel cuts
  • More portable than sliding miter saws
  • Very sturdily built


  • Only bevels to the left
  • More expensive than similar competitors

6. Ryobi 10″ Compound Mitre Saw

Most of the miter saws we examined for this list had 12-inch blades due to the fact they could paintings with a lot larger lumber, making them altogether more useful in our eyes. But this Ryobi miter noticed has a 10-inch blade and is still a useful tool. One of our favorite things about it becomes the smaller size and occasional weight. It’s just 26 pounds, so it’s easy to pick up and bring from one task to another or simply to any other place of your workshop. It’s additionally got some beneficial features just like the electric blade forestall which stops the blade seconds after you launch the trigger so it doesn’t hold spinning and danger grabbing onto your piece.

Though there was plenty we appreciated approximately this noticed, several awesome flaws have been holding it back. For instance, a noticed this length is exquisite for doing trim paintings, except it handiest bevels one way! If it has been to bevel in each direction, it might be an exquisite option for cutting trim and would likely have earned a much higher position on our listing. The dirt containment additionally doesn’t work at all, and we ended up with faces complete of sawdust every time we used this saw.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Portable
  • Electric brake stops blade quickly


  • Only bevels one direction
  • Dust containment doesn’t work well

7. TACKLIFE 12-inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw

TACKLIFE is a less-known device manufacturer that doesn’t percentage the equal clout and reputation as DEWALT or Ryobi. For what you pay, this sliding compound miter noticed offers lots of awesome functionality, however, it’s got some hard-to-pass over flaws as nicely. The platform is pretty massive to start, which we liked, and extends on each facet for even extra aid. A dust containment bag is included however doesn’t work so properly on its own. That said, you can connect a vacuum instead and we experienced very little mess with it attached. This noticed bevels both approaches and has a 13-inch cut length thanks to the 12-inch blade and sliding rails.

Though it has some excellent features, the build great of the TACKLIFE noticed isn’t up to the standard set by some of the other saws we tested. It’s now not as strong and doesn’t sense like it would survive too many trips within the back of your work truck. It’s also got a totally low fence that doesn’t provide aid when cutting taller trim. When reducing miters, there aren’t as many miter stops as we’ve come to expect, and the lower back rail is marked in centimeters in place of inches.


  • Lower-priced than similar products
  • Double-bevel
  • Large cutting capacity
  • Vacuum attachment port
  • Extendable platform


  • The fence is very short
  • Lower RPMs than competitors
  • Few miter stops
  • CM marks instead of inches

8. Kobalt 7-¼-in Sliding Compound Mitre Saw

Strewn among the 10-inch and 12-inch saws, we additionally tested several 7¼-inch saws, and the Kobalt compound miter saw is the handiest one that made our list. Despite the smaller blade, this noticed can reduce through lumber up to 8 inches wide way to the sliding rails that deliver the blade greater reach. Even even though it could cut through wooden that normally requires a 12-inch miter saw, the Kobalt is still compact and lightweight, coming in under 30 pounds. This approach’s much more portable than the one’s larger saws. But we did note that after pulling the noticed lower back, there’s a small gap at the very returned of your wooden piece that doesn’t get reduced due to the fact the blade doesn’t retract quite a long way enough

This noticed functions a dirt catcher that does quite plenty nothing. However, you may hook a vacuum up to the port, and then it’s as a substitute effective. You also get a laser guide with this saw, although ours changed into erroneous and we didn’t become the usage of it. But our biggest criticism changed into the uneven slicing deck. Ours had an ⅛-inch difference among the parts of the table, making it very difficult to evenly cut smaller pieces like trim.


  • Can cut lumber up to 2×8
  • Vacuum attachment port
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Inaccurate laser guide
  • Ineffective dust catcher system
  • The blade doesn’t cut through the back of boards
  • Uneven cutting deck

9. Delta S26-262L Miter Saw

We usually love affordable tools, and the Delta S26-262L is one of the lowest-priced gear on our list. Unfortunately, its overall performance matched the low rate, which is why it’s ranked so poorly. Aside from the less costly fee, our favorite things about this noticed were its lightweight and a smaller size that made it more transportable than large saws. This one has a 10-inch blade, this means that it has a limited slicing capacity. It can reduce via lumber up to 6 inches wide however don’t ask it to reduce a 2×8.

Like some of the lower-priced saws, we tested this one handiest bevel to the left. It does have a laser for sighting up your reduce before making it, however, the laser is battery-powered so you’ll want extra batteries for it, and if you depart it on, it’ll be dead the subsequent time you need it. Aside from the laser, this noticed is without any other useful extras. Its barebones function set helps it stay within the low end of the charge range, but we prefer the Metabo HTP C10FCGS that earned our nice value select that’s less expensive and offers better functionality.


  • Very affordable
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Can only cut up to 2X6 lumber
  • Only bevels to the left
  • Laser is battery-powered
  • No helpful extras

10. SKIL 12-inch Compound Miter Saws

It wasn’t one of our favorites, however, the Skilsaw 3821-01 compound miter saw is a totally stable product. Like maximum miter saws at this rate point, this one is powered with the aid of a 15-amp motor. It’s were given a 12-inch blade which can cut through 2×6 lumber with ease, but rather disappointingly, wouldn’t pretty attain through a 2×8. Nine fantastic stops are integrated to make it easy and short to set your miter angles. You additionally get a laser light to sight up your reduction, and to our surprise, this one is quite accurate and even quite visible. But our favorite function was the slide-out desk extensions that provide you with more help for whilst you’re cutting long portions.

Despite all the capabilities we enjoyed on this notice, there had been still masses of complaints from our testers. The quick cut length becomes our first grievance because it wouldn’t attain via a 2×8. It can only reduce pieces with a most top of 3.5 inches as well, so it’s not remarkable for trim work. The blade most effective bevels to the left, however some other saws in the rate range bevel to each side. It’s suitable for simple wood-work, however, we don’t recommend it.


  • Table extensions for stability with longer pieces
  • Accurate laser light


  • Not completely square from the factory
  • Only bevels to the left
  • Only cuts 2×6 and smaller lumber
  • Not great for trim work


These saws can cut through pretty much whatever you need, creating miters, bevels, and faststraight cuts. Nothing can replacea terrific miter noticed, so when we set out to discover the best miter saws available to update ours, we wrote up briefevaluations comparing every of our favorites so you can get the blessings of all that testing with out spending so much money. In the end, our favorite overall was the DEWALT DWS779 12-inch sliding compound miter noticed. This monster can reducewood up to 16 inches wide, has a dust collection gadget that certainly works, bevels to each sides, and is includedvia the DEWALT three-yr warranty.

On the cheaperfacet of the spectrum, the Metabo HTP C10FCGS was our select for pleasant value. It’s dirt-cheap, light-weight and smooth to transport, and is includedwith the aid ofone of the satisfactory warranties inside the business. But while you don’t mind breaking the financial institution for the satisfactory of the first-rate, the Bosch GCM12SD is king. This 12-inch sliding miter noticed is constructed like a tank and functions a 14-inch cutting capacity, slide-out supports, and a vacuum attachment to help maintain the sawdust to a minimum.

Note: we even have a miter saw stand buying guide located here. This can be of interest in view that a stand is essential if you need to take your miter noticed to the next level. You could also test out our pinnacle5 jigsaw picks.


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